Goop Towels & Wipes


Goop Towels & Wipes

Goop towels clean hands without water and so much more. They're awesome for so many cleanups at home or on the the garage or in the kitchen. These 10” x 12” pre-moistend towels are for removing heavy duty grime like grease, tar, paint, and more. They’re great for cleaning so many things.

Try them on …

Stainless steel kitchen appliances
Car wheels
Kids ;>)


Orange Goop Ruff Towels & Wipes

Goop Ruff Towels have an abrasive texture built in. Use them for the really caked on grime that requires a heavy duty cleaner and scrubbing power.

These citrus-based, pre-moistened wipes and towels are made for heavy duty cleaning. They are more powerful than other wet-type wipes and remove more challenging substances like grease, tar, ink paint, and more.