Mom’s Goop Stain Remover for clothes saves your favorites from the rag pile.

It also removes bad stuff from good stuff, from all kinds of things around the house.

Cleans uniforms, tablecloths, shirts, pants, hands - Removes grease, oil, paint, glue, gum, ink and more.

It’s the safe, “must-have” cleaner you’ll want to keep on hand for those unexpected cleaning challenges and the ones you face very day.


The Mom’s Goop Family


Mom’s Goop Stain Remover Gel

10 oz & 5 oz. Tubes

This is the best for those stains ground or soaked into the fabric. Just rub it in, let it sit from an hour to overnight, and wash as usual. Try it on stains that have already been set. It’s amazing.

This formula is great for cleaning grimy hands, with or without water.


Mom’s Goop Stain Remover Liquid

16 oz Squeeze Bottle & Gallon Pump

This liquid version is great for all tough stains and cleaning jobs. Just squirt it on and let it soak for an hour or two, and wash as usual. Try it on all kinds of stains.

This formula is also fantastic for cleaning hands, with or without water.


Mom’s Goop Stain Remover Spray

16 oz Spray Bottle

The specialized enzyme formula has an oxy bleaching affect, making this stain remover perfect for quick, spot-out stain removing on clothes, carpets, table cloths, towels, you name it.


Mom’s Goop Stain Remover Wipes

40 & 20 Count Dispensers

When you don’t have much time to clean it up, Mom’s Goop wipes also have a specialized enzyme formula with an oxy bleaching affect for removing spots.


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