Groomer’s Goop


Groomer’s Goop Degreaser

Groomer’s GOOP is specially designed to gently remove the most difficult stains, whiten yellowing areas, deal with stud tail, ear wax and ear medicine, tar from the beach, sap from trees, excessive grease and oil on the coat – even skunk musk.

Groomer’s GOOP will leave your pet’s coat clean, lustrous, full of body and grease-free. Groomer’s GOOP offers a complete line of pet de-greasers, shampoos, conditioners, rinse free shampoo wipes, plus leave-in conditioning spray and coat freshening spray.

Groomer’s Goop Shampoo

After degreasing your show cat or family pet with Groomer's Goop, you can leave their coat completely clean with Groomer's Goop Pet Shampoo.

Groomer’s Goop Conditioner

After de-greasing your show cat or family pet with Groomer's Goop, and shampooing with Groomers Goop Shampoo, it's the final step for fantastic grooming.

Groomers Goop Conditioner leaves your pets coat shiny, soft and in perfect condition.

Groomer’s Goop Shampoo Wipes

Perfect for when your pet gets into a mess but doesn’t need a full bath. A quick wipe that removes lots of things from your pets coat, and without the need to rinse. Brilliant.

Groomer’s Goop De-Tangling 5 ‘n 1 Spray

The brush will glide through tangles making grooming more enjoyable for you both. Combine these with the shampoo wipes for a completely rinse-free bath. Safe for kittens and pups, too.

Reinforces fur health
Adds shine
Fresh scent

Groomer’s Goop Ear & Eye Wipes

The Ear & Eye Wipes are designed for gently wiping away stains caused by tears around the eyes and remove excess wax in you pet's ears. They clean and stops excess itching, preventing infections.

Groomer’s Goop Stain & Oder Spray & Wipes

Groomer's Goop Stain & Oder Wipes are for the carpet, bedspread, clothes or wherever the accident happened. Pet stains don’t have a chance against the active enzymes and scent eliminating formula. Non-toxic and safe to use around the pets.