Testimonial - Alex B from St. Louis Removed Strawberry Stains from Her Baby’s Onesie


Alex B from St. Louis removed strawberry stains from her baby’s onesie. She says,”Didn’t think it would come out but thought Mom’s Goop has worked on all the other stains so far.” Alex’s photos show before, during and after using Goop. By the way, she let the onesie sit overnight before washing.

Here’s the best way to use Mom’s Goop for removing stains.

  • Apply Goop onto the stain on the dry fabric

  • Squeeze or massage the Goop into the fabric

  • Let the Goop do its magic for at least an hour or even overnight for really tough or already set in stains

  • Wash as usual

  • Before putting the garment in the drier, check to see if the stain is gone. If some of the stain remains, reapply Goop, let it sit overnight and re-wash